Film Set Security

Altor Security provides security services within the Film & Events sector. Our film set security teams are continually busy throughout the UK.   We have provided security teams for a wide range of Films, Commercials and Events. Our aim is to provide the best possible service for your budget.

Security Consultants for Production

Our film production consultants are generally from a Military background and have a wide range of security experience which includes anything from armed high-risk security operations to high profile music artist protection. We are able to call upon a number of security consultants who are ready to deploy to high risk areas to prepare for the arrival of your crew and cast. We have recently deployed consultants to Northern Africa, United Arab Emirates and Asia.

Please get in touch if you need our assistance or just want to talk through an issue and get some advice.  We are always willing to take a call and provide advice on budgets and requirements and in-country intelligence.

Film Set Security
  • Set & Unit Base Security
  • Prep/Strike Manpower
  • Unit Management
  • Locations Assistance
  • Traffic Management
  • 4×4’s & Drivers
Film Studio Security

As part of our studio services we can provide the following assistance:

  • A full Security Risk Assessment and Site Survey of the Studio or Build Space
  • 24hr Access Control and monitored Security Patrols using guard patrol reporting systems
  • Management of Security and Safety Systems (Alarms, CCTV and Access Control)
  • Provide Access Control and Parking Management throughout the site
  • Providing a professional entrance team to ensure the crew are quickly identified and do not get held up by new arrivals
  • Provide parking management to ensure crew are quickly guided to available parking and directed to the shoot
  • Assist the AD team with marshalling and lock offs

Please call us if you are considering a Build Space or Studio rental and need help or advice.

Security Consultants
  • Risk/Intelligence assessments prior to travel
  • Liaison with local embassies and police
  • Analysis of planning documentation for venues and hotels
  • Creation  and preparation of emergency evacuation plans
  • Experienced Ex-Military Personnel ready to deploy
Traffic Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Experienced Team
  • Car Park Management
  • Road Reservations
  • Road Coners
Event Security
  • Film Premieres
  • Music Festivals
  • After Parties
  • Launch Events
  • Cast & Crew Events
  • Seasonal Celebrations
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